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Congratulations to Solon Page III for being named the GA Sportswriters Association Defensive Player of the Year for class 5-A

The Kell Football Program would like to congratulate the following players for being named

Class 5A All State Players for 2016!

First Team All State Players - Solon Page III, Connor Mendelson

Second Team All State Players - Joe Santrock, Ismail Dabdoub, Jamontae Holt, Shamaar Bennett

All State Honorable Mention - John Lampley

Region 7 All State Players for 2016!

MVP - John Lampley
Special Teams Player of the Year - Connor Mendelson
Co Athlete/All Purpose Player of the Year - Jared Hill

First Team Wide Receiver - Josh Blancato
First Team Running Back - Josiah Futral
First Team Offensive Line - Joe Santrock
First Team Offensive Line - Matthew Pajaras
First Team Defensive Line - Ismail Dabdoub
Second Team Defensive Line - Gabe Waller
First Team Defensive End - Kendall Bailey
First Team Defensive Back - Shammer Bennett
First Team Defensive Back - Chandler Brown
Second Team Punter - Michael Luckie
Honorable Mention OL - Connor Gates
Honorable Mention OL - Johnathan Bass
Honorable Mention LB - Tavis White
Honorable Mention DB - Noah Woghiren

Marietta Daily Journal All County
First Team Offensive Line - Joe Santrock
First Team Defensive Line - Ismail Dabdoub
First Team Kicker - Connor Mendelson
First Team Linebacker - Solon Page III
Second Team Running Back - Josiah Futral
Second Team Offensive Line - Connor Gates
Second Team Linebacker - Jamontae Holt
Second Team Defensive Back - Shamaar Bennett
Second Team Safety/Wide Receiver -  Jared Hill
Honorable Mention Defensive Line - Kendall Bailey
Honorable Mention Wide Receiver - Josh Blancato
Honorable Mention Quarterback - John Lampley
Honorable Mention Wide Receiver - Michael Luckie
Honorable Mention Offensive Line - Matthew Pajares
Honorable Mention Defensive Line - Gabe Waller
Honorable Mention Linebacker - Tavis White

Offensive Lineman Clinic

If your son is an offensive lineman, please do not pass up this FREE opportunity for your son to improve his skills for the 2017 season and beyond.  These are the types of off-season opportunities that your son needs to take advantage of in order to improve himself and the team!  Please take advantage of this FREE training session. I know this coach personally and he will do great work with your son!

Volunteers Needed

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Game Broadcasts

You can listen to the LIVE games or re-broadcast of the Kell Longhorns, as well as many others, by clicking the image below.


As you may know, we have been feeding these young men sandwiches, milk and peanut butter crackers at the conclusion of each morning workout. Over time, this becomes quite an expense as you might imagine. The milk is $.75 each and the bread, peanut butter, jelly and crackers is around $200 per week to feed around 150 players daily. I am asking for some help from the parents.

Please donate to help our booster club with this expense.  This is extremely important to our players and our program to give them the proper nutrition that ALL OF THEM NEED in order to get stronger!  I would ask that family donate $100 per player ($200 if two players in the program) for the YEAR in an effort to help us offset some of the costs that our booster club is incurring to feed your child (children). . 

If you can afford to donate more and help the program feed these young men, please do so.  Anything that you can donate will be greatly appreciated by the team!


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